M2T Tool

The M2T Tool technique for soft tissue release incorporates the use of a high quality stainless steel tool. The tool is specially shaped and bevelled to most effectively treat different structures of the body with regards to shape and depth. Varied strokes and emollient on the skin are used to break up scar tissue and fascial adhesions, usually resulting in increased range of motion and pain reduction.

Effects of M2T Treatment:

  • increased circulation to the area
  • increased histamine response
  • increased cellular activity (mast cells, fibroblasts)
  • splaying/stretching of muscle fibers and connective tissue
  • break down of collagen cross links

This technique is useful for conditions such as: lateral or medial epicondylosis/itis, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, patellofemoral conditions (knee pain), carpal tunnel and achilles tendinosis/itis, and sprains.strains, among others.

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